Sayta daxil ol

Learned helplessness

A man comes across a very strange sight while passing through an elephant camp. Large elephants are not in cages or chained. He sees that the only thing stopping them from escaping the camp is a small rope tied to their legs. The man looks at the elephants very confused. Although they have the strength to break the rope and escape from the camp, they do not. He doesn’t even try to stop and look at them for a while. The man cannot contain his curiosity and approaches the trainers at the camp, asking why the elephants are standing like that and not trying to run away. The tutor calmly replied:

– When they are very small, we use threads of the same size. These threads are enough to hold them at a young age. As they grow up, they are conditioned to not being able to escape. That is, they believe that the ropes still hold them. That’s why they never try to be free.

This is called “learned helplessness”. That is, it is natural for a person to be helpless in life. At times, it is very difficult to solve the problem or you may feel helpless. However, if we are not desperate from reality, we should not accept the defeat from the beginning instead of thinking like that and finding a solution. This is the biggest injustice a person does to himself. No matter how big the problem, there is always a way out!


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